Duo Set (Refiner Serum + Derma Restorer)


Duo Set of 1 Refiner Serum and 1 Derma Restorer for a set price of $150.00 Refiner Serum An Enhanced formula that can restructure skin cells and accelerates the process of cellular turnover. It loosens the keratin bond and also helps to reduce the appearance of dead cells. Thus, it diminishes the dead cells efficiently thus resulting in a refined texture skin. A mild yet effective in the restructuring of the skin tissue for radiant skin. Derma Restorer This is an improved formula with an effective blend of natural botanical, helping in prevent future breakouts, leaving skin clear, smooth and healthy, is also a brilliant regulator of sebum secretion & prevents blockages of pores. Enriched with Papain to exfoliate dead skin cells and thus clear clogged pores that cause acne,while Tea Tree Oil with its antimicrobial properties protects the skin from infections. This formula also contains herbal extracts to calms and soothes oily or blemish prone skin. It is an extremely well treatment fluid for oil controlling and preventing the skin getting too dry. It stimulate skin defense mechanism for protection, managing sebum secretion and prevent excessive secretion for oily skin.