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InsB Derma Cleanser

S$ 80.00

Product Description

InsB Derma Cleanser

Cleanser is for all skin types. It cleanses and removes impurities and can breakdown and removes make-up sebum and cellular debris without causing harshness or dehydrate to the skin and thus retain the tenderness and restoring suppleness to the skin. Formulated with Pro-vitamin B5 which contains deep-moisturizing and nourishing properties.  


For Day and Night Use

Spread over entire face, using slight circular movement, add small amount of water to go through entire face – do this 3-4 times Then rinse off completely with water. Towel dry face.

If having a complete makeup on, can be easily remove even with mascara.

First, a small amount sufficient for the eyes area for eyeshadow and mascara, gently apply on with circular movement then add some water, you will find the cosmetics lifting out then use wet cotton or tissue paper to wipe off.

Then next, use about 2 pumps amount, spread on the entire face including the eyes area or lip. Add water to the whole face with circular movement especially the curves areas like the nose, sides and around the mouth, add more water then rinse off thoroughly. Wipe all the traces of cosmetics with tissue paper. Rinse with water again then towel dry your face. A deep cleansing that not only clean the makeup but also all traces of debris or impurities on the skin and do not causing the skin dehydrated and sensitive.


150 ml

4cm wide x 4cm base x 17.8 cm height

Weight : 0.205g 

Manufactured in Singapore


Glycerin: hydrates and provides a skin barrier; allows topical agents to go on very smoothly; a concern is clogging of pores when present in high concentrations.


Isopropyl Palmitate: As is true for any emollient or thickening agents, it can potentially clog pores, depending on the amount in the product and your skin’s response.


D. Panthenol : A biologically active substance that metabolizes to vitamin B5 in the skin. Vitamin (B5), works as a humectant (holds water in the skin), the properties that promote moisture absorption that known for its revitalizing and conditioning effects in the skin . Is necessary for the normal functioning of the skin and has a moisturing effect. It also helps stimulate cellular renewal. May promote healing.