InsB Derma Refine Serum

S$ 82.00 S$ 90.00

Product Description

This unique enhance fruit blend exfoliant formula, is mild, yet effective in the restructuring and renew skin naturally that can restructure skin cells and accelerates the process of cellular turnover, It loosens the keratin bond and helps to diminishes the dead cells efficiently thus resulting in refined skin texture and is able to brighten, rejuvenate, revitalize, radiant, smooth and firm the skin and also contains ingredient that can assist in regeneration and antioxidant for free-radical protection

The formula is also an effective skin surface exfoliant. By improving the skin’s condition, this formula helps unclog blockages, prevents dryness and prevent new occurrences of acne, blackhead and milias. Continued usage will result in clearer, cleaner and smoother skin. Using for acne, its heal from inside out without causing marks or pigmented.


For Daily - Day and Night

Apply evenly over entire face after Oxy Mist. Follows by Glow Essence or Restorer Essence

This is a treatment product to use with Treatment Essence or Fluid Tincture using alone may not see result.



Manufactured in Singapore