Beauty Sleep?

What is sleep?

You likely spend about one-third of your life in the state of unconsciousness known as sleep. But what exactly is going on while you're catching some sleep "ZZZs"?

Probably more than you did expect. Many people don't want to "sleep their life away." Certainly can understand that but if you do not get enough restful sleep, you will lose quality time when you are awake. So when it comes to your sleep, don't be stingy!

Sleep patterns or Sleep-Wake Cycle

The natural pattern of waking and sleeping that occurs within a 24-hour day is part of your circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is regulated by a biological clock in your brain that usually makes you sleepy at night and ready to wake up in the morning. Your surroundings, including your exposure to sunlight, help synchronize your biological clock. Your biological clock regulates your body temperature and many of your hormones.

Most people clocks run on a cycle of about 24 hours, but individual clocks vary. When your natural circadian rhythm is upset - for example, by spending too long in bed, traveling across time zones or experiencing a few nights of insomnia - sleep can become difficult.

Each day there are two periods when the body experiences a natural tendency toward sleepiness: during the late night hours (generally between midnight and 7 a.m.) and again during the mid afternoon (generally between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.). If people are awake during these times, they have a higher risk of falling asleep unintentionally, especially if they have not been getting enough sleep.

For most people a night or two of poor sleep, or even a night of no sleep, Actually not that bad. As long as you get back to a normal sleep schedule within a few days, one good night of sleep after a few poor ones usually is enough to catch up your beauty sleep.

Sleep Well

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