How Much Do We Know of Our Skin?

Well, when we first born as a baby especially around 6 months to 1 year old, notice that Our Skin is originally refine, full of elasticity, without blemishes and free from spots, uneven skin tone or pigmentation, when we are youthful.

Men will become more captivating, full of confident and charisma.

Women will become more beautiful, full of vitality have excellent self-esteem.

How can we protect and acquire that Look.

Are we able to maintain our Youthfulness, Confidence, Healthiness and be admired!

Perfect Beauty Wellness begins with 4 simple skincare steps

Daily, morning and before Bedtime.

Step 1 Cleanse or Wash.  Clean effective and thorough removal of cutins

Step 2 Preparation Lotion or clarifying conditioning to balance the skin . Preparation and Conditionings speed up moisture absorption rate of the skin

Step 3 Treatment Lotion/cream, cream revitalizes skin cell to reduce fine lines and curb the production of melanin and for oily skin to control sebum (skin's oil) production causing infection to the skin.

Step 4a Day Lotion/cream for moisturizing the skin - Protection - As Protection to the skin due to condition and environment

Step 4b Night Lotion/cream – Replenishment Repair the skin by nourishing or vitalizing making the skin rest and relax after a whole day.

Taking all the important steps above helps the skin to be healthy and looking radiance is what the one must attain. This will helps your skin not only feel clean and healthy but also will gain onfidence in yourself and giving people look at you with pleasant impression and healthy look.

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