Rushing - Hey Take A Stop Look!

Self Improvement : Stress Management

I realize that I have being rushing to get thing done, when I am working in my salon, my clients are also rushing, they are rushing in into my salon to have their treatment. Looking at them in the rush, realizing these days to maintain or up keep a healthy body simply a little difficult and what more to keep stress at bay are even more difficult .. and as I, myself nearly forgotten and I wanted to rush through the treatment ...but luckily all this while I have build myself a GOOD habit .. that is.. patience! passion! pace slow!! and pleasure.

Most people did not notice that our pace are getting faster and faster.. we want to get thing done and finish quickly, even on the road if you stop and take a look! Car are rushing and dashing by. Technology has been so advance in which has replace many manual works and has greatly speed up the tons of works. In the house, we have vacuum cleaning for flooring, washing machine for washing our dirty clothes. In most offices, computer replacing type writer and most industry work has advance equipment and machinery has been replaced. There are so many thing has been replaced and speed up our work and yet we are still ........ RUSHING!

Do yourself a favor, stop for just a while... take a look at your surrounding, you'll be surprise that there are so many nice things around for you to enjoy and appreciate and sometime it can be very relaxing probably may help to be less stressful.

Give a thought, really.. Stop a little while, you might be amazed, and then you might like to drop by and share your experience with me. I have more to share.

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